I spent the last two days attending Esthetic Professionals 10th Annual Update course. This is the third or fourth Esthetic Professionals update course I have attended. It was highly informative on the latest and greatest in dental technology and materials. Also, I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Bill Dorfman speak as well as a dental materials educater from Loma Linda School of Dentistry, Dr. Brian Novy.

The most exciting new technology presented at the meeting is 3M ESPE's new digital scanner called the LAVA COS. The scanner can image a tooth in the mouth that has been prepared for a crown. The scanner is a mix between a video camera and a still picture camera. It moves around like a video while at the same time plotting 20,000 picture points. These picture points are so accurate that the image can be used to fabricate a model that can be used to make the final crown restoration.

Dr. Bill Dorfman spoke about an electronic oral cancer detection system call VELscope. Apparently, the light emitted from the Velscope shows any cancerous or precancerous lesions as black tissue. Twenty-five percent of oral cancers occur in people that have no obvious risk factors such as a history of smoking or excessive alcohol consumption.

Dr. Brian Novy presented some convincing clinical work he has done to remove decalcified white spots caused by braces. The treatment for the white spots involves wearing custom plastic trays that are similar to bleaching trays, along with a calcium-phosphate-fluoride paste called MI paste. These trays are worn for about a month and the white spots nearly disappear.

It is always fun to learn about new technologies and procedures. The hard part is deciding which technologies to bring back to your office.

Kari Ann Hong, DDS
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