When having a crown or bridge placed, your ultimate goal is to have it look, feel and function like the natural tooth that was there before it. While this process is never “easy,” it becomes even more difficult when dealing with anterior (front of the mouth) teeth. For these complicated lab cases, we are proud to work with Opus One Dental Lab and it’s owner, Uri Yarovesky.

Uri standing with his many awards and honors. 

Uri standing with his many awards and honors. 

Uri has over 40 years of experience in the dental field as a technician, lab owner and world recognized lecturer. He has made crowns and bridges for celebrities, heads of states and even as prosthetics for blockbuster movies. His credentials include countless awards from the most prestigious dental publications and institutions. Opus One Lab was designed as an extension of his years of experience- cutting edge techniques with a personal touch. In addition to the typical technologies and instruments you would find in most labs,this office houses a research facility used to develop and manufacture new ceramic technologies. For some of the services the lab offers, they are the only location in the entire world with this technology available.

Crowns on anterior teeth need to be a near identical match to the surrounding teeth. Small deviations in coloration, shape, size or translucency can translate to a product that looks “fake” or out of place. It takes careful examination and years of experience to deliver a perfect prosthesis that feels great. Opus One delivers this by offering customs shade matching appointments, where you meet with Uri one on one to design and perfect your dental crown. He and his team have a deep appreciation for dental restorations and can meet your desires on shade, feel and even age appropriateness.

We love working with Opus One because they are both a local business and a global leader in dental technology. Uri’s lab understands the importance of both esthetics and function in delivering a quality product. Their crowns and bridges fit and look great, which results in happier and more satisfied patients.