Welcome to The Dental Library Review! In this feature, we will be reviewing and highlighting different children’s books we have collected at our office. Our staff have personally used these books with their own children and have had great reception. Today, we will be going over What If You Had Animal Teeth by Sandra Markle and Howard McWilliam.

This book is a great idea for any child who loves science, biology or animals. Every page covers a different creature, what their teeth look like and what they are used for. Children and adults alike will find these facts interesting and thought provoking. The book also briefly introduces the human teeth, what they do and why it is important to keep them nice and healthy!

Since the book opens with a story about losing the front two teeth, it is most appropriate for children in the 6-7 year range (when the central incisors are typically shed). However, we feel that this book would be fun and interesting for children over a much wider age range. Our only caution is that some of the pictures and illustrations might be alarming to younger children (snakes with fangs showing, children illustrated with animal teeth, etc.).

As with all the stories we review, feel free to check it out at your next appointment. We are always happy to do anything we can to get your family excited and educated about dental health topics!