The Contents of the Baby Tooth Album

The Contents of the Baby Tooth Album

Welcome to The Dental Library Review! In this feature, we will be reviewing and highlighting different children’s books we have collected at our office. Our staff have personally used these books with their own children and have had great reception. Today, we will be going over The Baby Tooth Album. 

Admittedly, calling this a "book" is quite a stretch. However, it is a great educational tool that doubles as a convenient keepsake. The Baby Tooth Album is a rotating disk with spots for each of your child's baby teeth. The top cover rotates to keep one tooth chamber open at a time, preventing spillages, mix ups and lost teeth. Also included is a small baby tooth chart with some fun information on children's teeth. 

We love this product because it is a very visual way of displaying and learning about teeth. Children can clearly see the differences in tooth size and structure, gaining an appreciation and interest in their own dentition. For parents, this is an easy way to remember the excitement and anticipation of lost teeth. The device itself is small enough to fit in a photo album or scrapbook as well, making it a perfect addition to your existing documentation.

If you would like a closer look at the Baby Tooth album,  feel free to stop by our office. As with everything in our dental library, it is free for you to read and examine. We look forward to getting your family excited about dentistry, home care and oral hygiene!