Welcome to The Dental Library Review! In this feature, we will be reviewing and highlighting different children’s books we have collected at our office. Our staff have personally used these books with their own children and have had great reception. Today, we will be going over Open Wide: Tooth School Inside by Laurie Keller.

On the surface, this whimsical book is a fun collection of collage-style graphics, funny jokes and silly comics. However, it is incredibly informative and engaging for readers over a variety of ages. The book follows the antics of Dr. Flossman's class at the Tooth School, along with his 32 tooth-shaped pupils. Nearly every two pages covers a different topic on dental development, tooth care or the history of dentistry. You will find all kinds of information, from how to react to a getting a cavity to why primary teeth are important. This information is all neatly rolled together with stimulating illustrations, side jokes and fun fonts. 

We love this book for a number of reasons. Firstly, there are a lot of great topics covered by this book- beyond just being informative, it has useful and engaging facts. Topics on brushing, flossing and dental care will follow your young one for life. Additionally, the fun and animated way that this information is presented is sure to engage readers and merit multiple read throughs. Finally, the last pages of the book include a quick test with simple questions to encourage knowledge retention (disclaimer: about half of the questions are silly). With all this combined, we find this book to be a great tool for getting kids excited about their oral health. 

Open Wide is likely most appropriate for elementary school readers. For children on the younger end of the spectrum, we would advise a read through with mom/dad to explain some of the bigger words and concepts. As with all of the books at our office, feel free to stop by and take a look. We want to do everything possible to get your family excited and informed about dentistry and oral health!