Sometimes gums will bleed for obvious reasons, like cuts from flossing or abrasion from brushing. Other times, the root cause is less clear. The most common reason for gums to bleed randomly is due to calculus or tartar build up beneath the gum surface. Our office often sees patients that haven’t had their teeth professionally cleaned in a number of years. The number one complaint of these patients is that their gums bleed when brushing, when touched, or even while they are sleeping. A professional cleaning from a hygienist or dentist will remove the tartar, allow gums to heal and end the bleeding. 

Another common complaint is that gums bleed upon flossing. Interestingly, this is generally caused by not flossing enough. We recommend flossing or using some sort of hygiene instrument below the tooth contact once a day. This will help keep the gum tissue healthy and free of any plaque or tartar build up.