Do you have a dental implant? Have you ever noticed that the crown feels loose or that you can move it with your tongue? This sensation can be quite alarming and seems as though the entire implant is wiggling out. However, looseness is usually the result of the implant crown coming separated from the actual implant. 

Although there are a few different implant designs, they all include two pieces of metal screwed together. Over time, the forces of biting and chewing can cause these screws to work themselves loose. This is typically a issue on older implant designs, but can affect any generation.

Your best bet in solving this problem is returning to the dentist who placed the implant, or obtaining a record of what type of implant they used. This information is crucial in tightening the crown back down. Tools, hardware and design are not the same between companies and using incompatible components could ruin the implant.

After identifying the type of implant used, the treating dentist will evaluate wether or not the crown can be saved. Dental Implants are comprised of three components: the actual implant, an abutment, and an overlying crown. The abutment is essentially a metal post that the crown is screwed or cemented to. Depending on which part of the implant has failed, the entire crown may need to be removed to tighten everything back up. However, most crowns are savable and only need to be repaired or recemented once the procedure is over. If you would like to know more about implants or their maintenance, feel free to give us a call!