Anyone who has had a temporary crown break knows that they tend to come off at the least convenience times. After the initial shock and confusion wears off, you may be wondering what your next step is. Even if the crown falls out in one whole piece, do not try to put it back on the tooth and continue using it.  Although the crown seems small, it poses a serious choking risk particularly when sleeping or chewing. Additionally, don't try to glue the crown back together or recement it. This can result in damaging the underlying tooth structure in a way that ruins the fit of the permanent crown. 

Your best bet for fixing a broken or missing temporary crown is calling our office. If the crown can't be recemented, we will make a new one on the spot. We keep copies of all the temporary impressions we make until the final crown is delivered. This allows us to recreate temporaries on-demand and in short notice. Our office always tries to work these type of appointments in same-day or early the next day! If you have any further questions on the dental crown process, please give us a call or email.