According to a recent study put out by the CDC, about half of American adults are affected by periodontal disease. As this condition progresses, the gums and bones recede away from the teeth, eventually leading to their loss. While deep cleanings and medications can stop the spread of the disease, nothing short of extensive surgery can replace lost bone and gums. 

In today's patient, periodontal disease had left them with three lost mandibular incisors and deficient gum levels. Due to the thin nature of bone at the front of the mandible and damage from disease, there was only enough structure to place one implant. Fortunately, by working with the experts at Opus One Dental Labs we were able to create a beautiful three tooth bridge complete with mock gums. Restorations like this have to be designed very carefully to protect the implant and prevent rotation/unscrewing. The end result looks phenomenal and functions just like natural teeth! If you would like to know more about what we can do with implants, please give our office a call!