Another great cosmetic filling from Thousand Oaks Family Dentistry! Today's patient came to us with abfraction lesions on their upper premolars. These cavities are usually caused by the forces of biting, chewing and clenching causing stress on the enamel around the necks of the teeth. After an indentation develops in this area, it becomes a perfect trap for food and plaque. This often leads to decay, thus advancing the process of wear on the tooth. 

We repaired these teeth by removing any compromised enamel and smoothing out the cavity edges. They were then filled with a flexible and esthetic material that both seals out decay and restores the natural beauty of the teeth. While the upper premolars are not directly visible in the smile line, their profiles often contribute to smile "width." For this reason, a cosmetic filling is desirable in maintaining a natural appearance. If you would like to know more about tooth decay, fillings or other cosmetic dental procedures, please give our office a call!