With Christmas around the corner, many people are looking for unique and useful gift ideas. Why not give that special someone an upgrade to their oral health? Here are some of our picks for top dental gift ideas for 2016!

Almost everyone will appreciate the benefits of an electric toothbrush. Wether it spins, slides or vibrates, the motorized action seems to make brushing a more enjoyable experience. We recommend looking for a model with a built in two minute timer and pressure sensor. You can usually find deals at big box stores on brands like Phillips Sonicare and Oral B. Before you buy, make sure replacement heads are readily available and reasonably priced. 

For the person always on-the-go, you may want to consider a dental subscription service like Quip or Goby. Here, you purchase the initial electric toothbrush and the company sends you regular toothpaste refills and replacement brush heads. This takes all the guesswork out of keeping your brush in working order! Again, look for a product that has a timer and pressure sensor. Additionally, check that the refill toothpaste contains cavity fighting fluoride. 

Looking for stocking stuffers? Try a fun brand/flavor of toothpaste. Crest has various lines of toothpaste with flavors like citrus, cinnamon and even chocolate! You can also try organic brands like Toms of Maine. However, be careful that the paste you choose contains fluoride. If you know any kids or teens in braces, built-in threader floss or ORTHOgami flossers can be a fun way to encourage good oral hygiene. The possibilities are endless!

If you need any help picking out the perfect dental Christmas gift, please give our office a call. We want everyone in your family to be excited about having excellent oral health. Happy Holidays!