Its annoying, embarrassing and tough to avoid: many patients struggle with bad breath on a daily basis. But what causes it? Sometimes, the source is obvious- such as a flavorful meal. However, chronic bad breath can usually be traced to a weakness in your home dental hygiene regimen. Flossing daily is an excellent way to combat odorous breath, as the bacteria in your gums produce a number of foul smelling by-products. Using floss will prevent colonies from spreading, improve your gum health and keep your breath fresh. The tongue may also serve as a source of bad breath, and can be brushed daily to remove bacteria. In some cases, bad breath (particularly in the morning) can be linked to post nasal drip or gastric reflux. In both these cases, solving the underlying problem will eliminate the bad breath.

You have probably tried mouthwashes, mints, gum and even some “miracle cures” found online. Unfortunately, these aren’t permanent solutions. All these products work akin to air fresheners: they remove the smell, not the problem. If you want a lasting solution to your bad breath, make sure you are using well rounded home care. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with our office!