Providing care for children is one of the most challenging and sensitive aspect of dentistry. Kids react to the office setting within an entire spectrum of behavior; from eager and inquisitive to scared and frustrated. We have designed our office to be as welcoming as possible for your young ones with toys, cable TV (Nick, Nick Jr., Disney, etc.) and even a dedicated kid's room (seen in the background of the title photo). Still, there are times that we need to rely on our network of specialists to best meet the needs of your individual child. 

We are proud to work with Dr. Ahsan Raza of 1000 Oaks Children's Dental Group. On top of specialized behavioral management techniques, Dr. Raza prides himself in being an extremely communicative and personal pediatric dentist. He uses a number of techniques, ranging from education to sedation to ensure the best possible dental outcomes. Your kids will love his spaceship themed office too!

In terms of orthodontic offices, we are proud to work with Doctors Nagel Sr. and Nagel Jr. of Nagel Orthodontics and Dr. William Hang of Face Focused Orthodontics. Norm and Jeffrey Nagel bring together over 40 years of experience in orthodontics and pride themselves in combining the best parts of digital and hands-on dentistry. Likewise, Dr. Hang has spent his career developing the Face Focused program, an orthodontic system that develops straight teeth while respecting posture and opening airways. 

If you would like to know more about our fantastic network of specialists, please give us a call. We want our patients to know they are in good hands, whether with us or one of our specialists.

Link to Dr. Raza's office

Link to Dr. Nagel and Nagel's office

Link to Dr. Hang's office